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I thought it would be worthwhile to start a new discussion on books. To narrow it down a bit, I suggest we stick to the more or less mod- related books; I wouldn´t want to bother you with each and every novel I´ve read. Among the ones I´ve read…

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What I bought today...

Just thought that I'd start this topic as nobody has [bothered?] to start it yet! I was in one of my local charity shops today and bought these women's basket-weave, tassel loafers for only $8.50 AUD! Absolutely brill, to say the least! ;-) Now I…

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Chris Cameron replied to Savraj's item Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter
"It may also be ironic that those people wear gear that was first in vogue in the 60s, and listen to music from the 60s."
14 minutes ago
The Collectors posted a discussion
The Collectors + DJ Gregor Emond (Superfly) 31 May 2014 McChuills
1960s Mod, Garage and R'n'B from this Glaswegian quintet plus a sweltering mix of funk, soul and classic indie from DJ Gregor Emond (Superfly) before and after the band.
1 hour ago
Gary D' replied to Savraj's item Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter
"I love and appreciate all 'Mod' scooters more so the ridden ones. But I will never stick a scooter in the back of a van, drive down to the coast, roll it out, pop it on it's stand, sit on it all day and smile at the tourists. I personally just can't…"
1 hour ago
Gary D' replied to Sam A's item Paul Weller - More Modern Classics
"Tracklisting1. He’s The Keeper2. Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea3. It's Written In The Stars4. Wishing On A Star5. From The Floorboards Up6. Come On / Let's Go7. Wild Blue Yonder8. Have You Made Up Your Mind9. Echoes Round the Sun10. All I Wanna Do (Is Be W…"
2 hours ago
scootineer replied to Savraj's item Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter
"The GTs or GTv are cool scoots without the hassle associated with Lammy's or vintage Vesp's, I say be progressive, go Modern Vespa (ironic that people who call themselves Mod's will only ride rolling antiques)...."
2 hours ago
Kai replied to Kai's item Books
"Took quite a while for me to finish A. Loog Oldham´s "2Stoned", but would once more would like to recommend it; paints a vivid picture especially of the years 1964-67. Gonna start next on "Only When I Larf" by Len Deighton; recommended on this threa…"
3 hours ago
Kai liked The Snow Runner's photo
3 hours ago
Kai commented on Tim millward's article Being a 15 year old Mod
"To me at 15 Mod also served to escape commercialism; but in the meantime commercialism has grown faster legs; as especially in the UK everything seems to sell better with a target or Union Jack on it. TV commercials with middle aged folks in parkas…"
3 hours ago
Kai replied to Phil Thomsen's item My Dress of the day!
"Thanks Alan, I also had difficulties finding it initially, but I think Mr Hughes has done a good Job all in all."
4 hours ago
Sam A posted a discussion
Paul Weller - More Modern Classics
Seen this listed on Amazon, no track info though. Anyone?Paul Weller - More Modern Classics
6 hours ago
Alan replied to Savraj's item Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter
"It looks great too Gary D'"
13 hours ago
Alan replied to Savraj's item Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter
13 hours ago
Alan S replied to Phil Thomsen's item My Dress of the day!
"Smart Kai, I was a bit worried at first, as I couldn`t find this thread immediately, on the new style site:-) Thought Mr Hughes had done away with it."
14 hours ago
Dave Davies replied to Phil Thomsen's item My Dress of the day!
"I always show them too, but it seems people show loads thesedays. Not a fan of showing socks unless the shoes are loafers etc..."
14 hours ago

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Being a 15 year old Mod

Recently on this very site I have been reading peoples post who are of a similar age to me complaining about how there is a lack of mods there age near where they live.

when reading these I could completely understand where they were coming from as I only have two friends who are into the scene. I can even consider my self lucky as many of these poor guys were the only mods they knew of and were desperately seeking out  a scene.

Now the thing I am addressing is the lack of…

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