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Mod~The Importance of a Label?

 Mods aren't into labels, can that be true? In the hope of lively but civil discussion i'd like to play Devil's Advocate. I argue that mods were/are extremely partial to labels.   60's mods sort out Fred Perry, Levis and Clarks Desert boots…

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9 Replies · Reply by Motown 5 hours ago


I thought it would be worthwhile to start a new discussion on books. To narrow it down a bit, I suggest we stick to the more or less mod- related books; I wouldn´t want to bother you with each and every novel I´ve read. Among the ones I´ve read…

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317 Replies · Reply by The Snow Runner 23 hours ago

Tailor Made Mod Suit

I'm off to Thailand this month and I thought it would be a great excuse to get a few things tailor made for my 'mod' outlook. I've never really been able to afford a tailor made suit and if I did I'd have no real idea as what to ask for to get a…

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12 Replies · Reply by Chris Ward on Wednesday

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Anthony Gareth Jones and chris oxley joined The Mod Generation
19 minutes ago
Motown posted an item
Share stuff that you not only want but need lol.I'll start things off with something I've always wanted the Beautiful MKII Jaguar
21 minutes ago
Motown replied to Motown's item Mod~The Importance of a Label?
"My first parka was by big label C&A, bought by my Grandparents God bless em."
5 hours ago
Kai replied to Motown's item Mod~The Importance of a Label?
"My first tassle loafers at 15 were from Woolworth; so what... they looked great!"
5 hours ago
Johnny B replied to Motown's item Mod~The Importance of a Label?
"Like most revivalists in the 80's I started with Fred Perry and Sta press.
The more I got into it I did seek out "Labels" Was a period I wouldn't even
think of wearing anything that wasn't recognized by the scene.
Nowadays if it looks "Mod"  and sma…"
6 hours ago
Anton Goldapples posted items
10 hours ago
Chris Cameron replied to Motown's item Mod~The Importance of a Label?
"I cannot say how the original 1960s Mods viewed the importance of labels but I am fairly sure they would have looked for quality gear that looked the part. They were very lucky in that they were around at a time when all this fantastic looking gear…"
11 hours ago
Hennich left a comment for Hennich
"On our way to Brighton Beach"
12 hours ago
The Snow Runner replied to Kai's item Books
"A book written by a Mod Gen member Ruadhan J McElroy"
23 hours ago
Kai replied to Motown's item Mod~The Importance of a Label?
"Very interesting insight, Christopher!"
23 hours ago
Christopher Quayle replied to Motown's item Mod~The Importance of a Label?
"The Ben Sherman story, as a label is very peculiar. I first visited the 'Ben Sherman' showroom at 3rd floor No.9 Carnaby St back in '66. The building was a scruffy 'commons' brickwork structure with an open concrete stairway leading up from the stre…"
The Snow Runner replied to Laurent Bof's item What's on your turntable right now?
"Im sure this would not be to everyones taste, but with a long drink and low lights, I love it."
frames replied to Motown's item Mod~The Importance of a Label?
"I'm not sure if when I was younger it was really about labels as we now think of them; it's certainly true that the only polo shirts to wear were FP, but that could be because FP were the only polo shirts available, same with Desert Boots - I think…"
Motown replied to Varluche's item Harrington jacket for winter
"I'll wear this lightly padded Baracuta G9 for J.Crew in Autumn or when on a scooter. 
defiantly keeps the chill off. "
Kai replied to Motown's item Mod~The Importance of a Label?
"When it comes to polo shirts, I was willing to try new brands but always return to the good old Fred. Lacoste is ok with me, but I don´t see why I should pay up to 25€ extra for the same quality when swapping the laurel for a crocodile. Same thing w…"
danny commented on nigel whittingham's photo
"sweet shot"
George O'Sullivan replied to Kai's item Books
"Would say you are original to Kai but to be fair to john revival mod is a fair tag for us young ones lol
Got to say while it would have been great to have been in at the start of the mod movement I would then have been to old for the revival which f…"
The Snow Runner posted a photo
Andy Ingram replied to Kai's item Books
"Yep, I think my comments got lost on this thread. I loved it. Great to hear stories from people that were actually part of the various stages of mod rather than just an author's take on it. It's also nice to have a bit more input from North of the W…"
Hi guys, here is a link to my website if anyone is interested in finding out more about an anthology I have just published called 'What We Heard From the Sea', which is a collection of writings and artworks that are inspired by the sea, created by c…

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Whilst reading Tony Beesley’s comprehensive account of the development and subsequent revivals and later rebirths of the cult of Mod, my interest was reawakened and it has invigorated me to revisit my time as a teenager of fifteen, who, discovering Modernism, was set on the path of enlightenment.

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