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He is so wrong!

I found this article in a magazine. This guy does not get what we are really about. Your comments would be grateful. Rotating column: Mods aren’t cool By Larry Ryan Most athletes aren't cool: they're dull people with good coordination. There are…

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16 Replies · Reply by George O'Sullivan 11 hours ago

Amazing B sides

Over the past few years I have started to collect some fantastic vinyl 45s again. Some have been bought from car boot sales for next to nothing and others I have paid a few quid for, although to be honest I have not paid more than £12 yet. I already…

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411 Replies · Reply by Chris Cameron yesterday

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    graham montague replied to mad mac's item mods were not that common
    "Interesting thread, m.m. I wonder if it depended on where you lived at the time. Certainly there were a lot in  North and East London by '64, and it seems to me that other's observations would be spot on.......the word "mod" only becoming a noun aro…"
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    George O'Sullivan replied to gary rogers's item He is so wrong!
    "Got to agree Steve only captain Birdseye and Santa suit the beardie look unless you have a jimmy hill chin leave the whiskers alone"
    11 hours ago
    Kevin replied to gary rogers's item He is so wrong!
    "Beards weren't that uncommon with Mods old enough to grow one. You can even look it up in Mods - The New Religion, so I absolutely agree with you, Harry! Personally don't like them too much, had a goatee a few years ago but then didn't like it anymo…"
    13 hours ago
    Harryboy Boas replied to gary rogers's item He is so wrong!
    "Breads are ok as long as their kept neat. Its when they get all hipster they look bad. Few men look better with a bread. Infact the only one I can think of is Santa."
    13 hours ago
    Harryboy Boas replied to Matthew Pickering's item Navy Linen Blazer
    "Hey Matt, My 10p worth. I wouldn't say it was a good cut, theres really not much waist on it and the armholes are low. Its also very short in the body length, which is fine if your under 6ft (tops). After which a jacket that short can look a little…"
    14 hours ago
    Steve Brown replied to gary rogers's item He is so wrong!
    "Just throwin another spanner in the mix.... self professed Celeb Mod Wiggo has been sporting a Beard for about a Year now....Hardly clean cut Mod!!.... TAXI FOR WIGGO! "
    14 hours ago
    Mick Harwood replied to Matthew Pickering's item Navy Linen Blazer
    "I think it looks great, I'd wear it."
    14 hours ago
    Harryboy Boas replied to gary rogers's item He is so wrong!
    " I doubt if Mr Ryan would even know a mod if he saw one, unless of course said mod was in a Parka with a lego haircut chasing a rocker down the road. It would be wrong to say that all mods are cool. There are some proper car crashes out there dress…"
    14 hours ago

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    Pete Townshend  may have been good at putting Mod feelings into words (the first couple of years anyway), but his group were never big favourites of my generation (pardon the pun).  When it came to British bands, for us it was always Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames, Zoot Money & The Big Roll Band or Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds that we would go out of our way to see.…

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