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I thought it would be worthwhile to start a new discussion on books. To narrow it down a bit, I suggest we stick to the more or less mod- related books; I wouldn´t want to bother you with each and every novel I´ve read. Among the ones I´ve read…

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180 Replies · Reply by Kai 1 hour ago

Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter

Ok even before you have read my post, the title of this discussion is already making the true mods and scooter boys foam at the mouth. I know it is sacrilege but for reasons that I won't go into I am looking to get my first ever scooter (at the age…

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59 Replies · Reply by Alan S 3 hours ago

Amazing B sides

Over the past few years I have started to collect some fantastic vinyl 45s again. Some have been bought from car boot sales for next to nothing and others I have paid a few quid for, although to be honest I have not paid more than £12 yet. I already…

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398 Replies · Reply by Gary D' 6 hours ago

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Paloma Alcala replied to Phil Thomsen's item My Dress of the day!
"Dressed to impress, even if all I did today was go to the record store!"
17 minutes ago
Kai replied to Kai's item Books
"My Paul Smiler Anderson copy arrived today; up there with Barnes´ and Rawlings´ books on the Topic indeed!"
48 minutes ago
Alan S replied to Savraj's item Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter
"Love it Gary, your "Pinball Wizard", lyric re-arrangement and your scooter:-)"
3 hours ago
Alan S replied to Phil Thomsen's item My Dress of the day!
"Nice dress MG:-)"
3 hours ago
Gary D' replied to Chris Cameron's item Amazing B sides
"That's one cool cat Paddy, haha. There are quite a few decent copies still kicking about mate. The Winstons 45's that is, not the cool cat, that's a rare breed ;0)"
6 hours ago
Dave Davies replied to Phil Thomsen's item My Dress of the day!
"Family get together and what a lovely day it was, a bit different to last year, wasn't it snowing in April then?  Bass weejuns (from the 1980's lol) Argyle socks Slim fit chino's Breton jumper   Even got a compliment on my shoes from my brother in l…"
10 hours ago
Derek Gardner replied to Mod Goddess's item What I bought today...
"On my way to Allstyle scooters in a minute, parts shopping list at the ready, may pop into Brighton for fish and chips on the pier."
11 hours ago
Paloma Alcala left a comment for Chelsie Haley
"Thank you for adding me!"
18 hours ago
Paddy McGonigle replied to Chris Cameron's item Amazing B sides
"Top tune Gary. Another on the wants list, my cat's called Winston ;-)"
22 hours ago
Paloma Alcala liked Dr Feelbad's photo
23 hours ago
Paloma Alcala liked Lara's photo
23 hours ago
Paloma Alcala liked Dr Feelbad's photo
23 hours ago
Harryboy Boas replied to Phil Thomsen's item My Dress of the day!
"Inch & half is a little shy of 4cm. I would certainly try and discourage a customer from showing that much cuff when purchasing a shirt or suit/sports from work. For sure either the jacket would be to short or the shirt to long. Dave is correct its…"

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Being a 15 year old Mod

Recently on this very site I have been reading peoples post who are of a similar age to me complaining about how there is a lack of mods there age near where they live.

when reading these I could completely understand where they were coming from as I only have two friends who are into the scene. I can even consider my self lucky as many of these poor guys were the only mods they knew of and were desperately seeking out  a scene.

Now the thing I am addressing is the lack of…

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