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What I bought today...

Just thought that I'd start this topic as nobody has [bothered?] to start it yet! I was in one of my local charity shops today and bought these women's basket-weave, tassel loafers for only $8.50 AUD! Absolutely brill, to say the least! ;-) Now I…

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Amazing B sides

Over the past few years I have started to collect some fantastic vinyl 45s again. Some have been bought from car boot sales for next to nothing and others I have paid a few quid for, although to be honest I have not paid more than £12 yet. I already…

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Sam A replied to Mod Goddess's item What I bought today...
"High Street - BHS 60's style trench coat to see me through those pesky April showers (that's not me, but it would probably be how I would wear my trench). Reduced in price as well!"
1 hour ago
Sam A replied to Sam A's item Paul Weller - More Modern Classics
"Cheers Gary (of course, if I had actually read the news on this site, I would have found out all of the info!) Can't see the wood for trees etc...."
1 hour ago
Paul Ring liked Paul Ring's item The Score Live in Laindon Essex Good Friday
5 hours ago
Paul Ring posted a discussion
The Score Live in Laindon Essex Good Friday
Mod & Northern Soul Band The Score. SEE OUR WEB SITE Live at the Winston Club in Laindon Essex  Friday 18th April 20142.5 hour set of the best Nothern Soul and Mod tunesWinston Social Club (Laindon) 1 Northumberland Ave, Basildon…
5 hours ago
Gary Miller replied to Laurent Bof's item What's on your turntable right now?
"On vinyl, currently enjoying Eddie Curtis - Those Foxes and Pussycats, The Marvelettes - Barefootin, that perennial favourite from Don Gardner - My baby Likes To Boogaloo, Spooners Crowd - Two In The Morning, Barbara Carr - Shake Your Head and Dorot…"
5 hours ago
Dave Davies replied to Phil Thomsen's item My Dress of the day!
"I would go a lot less than that, 1/2 inch looks much better IMO anything more just looks like the jacket doesn't fit right,, but like most things its down to personnel preference."
6 hours ago
Anton Goldapples posted a discussion
The Modest Live @ The Bell Inn, Nottingham, NG1 6HL, Fri 18th April
Live Jam, Soul & Mod Classics at The Bell Inn, Nottingham NG1 6HL, Fri 18th
7 hours ago
Chris Cameron replied to Paul James Molloy's item Tailor Made club(Glasgow)12th April
"May be a few days late. (ok almost a week) But well done to Mikey and Paul for providing another class night last Saturday. Top tunes and top company, what more can a person ask for !"
7 hours ago
Chris Cameron replied to Chris Cameron's item Amazing B sides
"Yeah a pretty good song Gary. Very late 60s in feel (for obvious reasons) but not bad for it."
8 hours ago
graham montague replied to Savraj's item Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter
"I love the style of the old Lambretta SX, but I frequently wonder about the wisdom of trying to keep a 50-year-old machine on the road. The unbelievable hassles Iv'e had with my '64 Lambretta make me envious of those guys and girls who simply roll a…"
13 hours ago
Ian Turner replied to Savraj's item Automatic 'Twist n Go' scooter
"Hey lets not knock listening to sixties music I listen to it all the time but I think its more to do with being there at the time. Have any of you younger dudes heard Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings Quite modern but in the old style, "
14 hours ago
Paloma Alcala liked Carlos Sarabia's article mods in México
17 hours ago
Paloma Alcala liked Tom's article In the Street Today
17 hours ago
Gary D' replied to Chris Cameron's item Amazing B sides
"The B side to this 45 has seen a lot of activity on Ebay over the last few months. As a historical keepsakes due to the breakbeat used throughout the hip-hop and D&B genres, not bad investment. The A side is quite a respectable soul dancer too."
17 hours ago
Paloma Alcala commented on Tim millward's article Being a 15 year old Mod
"20 year old Mod here and probably one of the ones you heard complaining about the lack of Mods in my area! To me the problem seems to be not so much that kids aren't interested in subculture- just about every teenage 'vintage blogger' on Tumblr call…"
17 hours ago

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Being a 15 year old Mod

Recently on this very site I have been reading peoples post who are of a similar age to me complaining about how there is a lack of mods there age near where they live.

when reading these I could completely understand where they were coming from as I only have two friends who are into the scene. I can even consider my self lucky as many of these poor guys were the only mods they knew of and were desperately seeking out  a scene.

Now the thing I am addressing is the lack of…

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