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    What I bought today...

    Just thought that I'd start this topic as nobody has [bothered?] to start it yet! I was in one of my local charity shops today and bought these women's basket-weave, tassel loafers for only $8.50 AUD! Absolutely brill, to say the least! ;-) Now I…

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    4886 Replies · Reply by Ronnie 53 minutes ago


    Hi there,I've tried to do some research on the Minets, but it's all a bit confusing to me. I'm wondering just how they differed from / matched mods in style, philosophy, musical preferences, etc. and how these 2 subcultures influenced each…

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    1 Reply · Reply by frames 14 hours ago

    Cool Pictures

    Just start by saying I have lifted this idea from the Film Noir site, its a cool idea so i thought we'd give it a go on here. If you see a cool picture share it with us here.

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    1633 Replies · Reply by THULL 14 hours ago

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    The Snow Runner liked Vere Osborne's video The Sha La La's...Your blind soul
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    The Snow Runner replied to DJ LOUCA's item acid jazz/hiphop
    "Like Acid Jazz. Both the Record lable and style of music. This is a good place to start."
    24 minutes ago
    The Snow Runner posted a photo
    30 minutes ago
    Ronnie replied to Mod Goddess's item What I bought today...
    "Sounds very organized. ;) I am in the process of clearing stuff out of my closet as well...some to be sold/given away, some to be stored for the winter. Had to be done, since the doors to the wardrobes and closet at our place can hardly be shut anym…"
    53 minutes ago
    John an original modernist replied to Phil Thomsen's item My Dress of the day!
    "That is right frames. I never had vents then or now because I think they spoil the line of the jacket. The trousers were tapered, but normally betweel sixteen and eighteen inches, as opposed to eleven or twelve when we wore drainpipes. Because our s…"
    1 hour ago
    Gary D' replied to frames's item I Was Reading This Book....
    "A different take on the same subject but vastly superior imo."
    1 hour ago
    Gary D' liked Steve Brown's video Billy Butler-Right Track
    1 hour ago
    Mod Goddess left a comment for midwest65
    "It was fun catching up the other day! Hope your interview went well today Dan! Happy Easter to you and Tricia!"
    2 hours ago
    Mod Goddess liked Lara's photo
    3 hours ago
    midwest65 replied to Mod Goddess's item What I bought today...
    "Cool red shirt! Gonna have to get one of those."
    3 hours ago
    Bill commented on Bill's photo
    "Jimmy, the Silver Fox nickname seems to have stuck of the downsides of getting old mate,cheers."
    4 hours ago
    Bill commented on Bill's photo
    "Cheers Danny,very hot day riding,Levi 501s,no socks,Fred Perry plimsolls,John Smedley henley top,not a lot of protection if i had of come off when the scooter seized,but rode my luck."
    4 hours ago
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    There she was just walking down the street and I could see that she wasn’t just carrying but that she was loaded and if I could see it, in her hunched shoulders and deep thrust pocketed hands, then so could anybody else who had an ounce of intelligence and two seconds of experience. This street was full of people like that and most of them you wouldn’t cross the road to piss up their legs if you were a dog, because the general rule of the sea you swam in was that if somebody didn’t want to roll you then they wanted to bust you and that was okay because everybody understood.

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