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Frames replied to Kai's item THE PRINTED WORD
"hahaha - nice one !"
3 minutes ago
Kai replied to Laurent Bof's item What's on your turntable right now?
"1954 I think, Gary? Or was it '56?"
50 minutes ago
Gary D' replied to Laurent Bof's item What's on your turntable right now?
"Cheers Kai. First time of hearing for me, loaned from a friend. It's a CD remastered directly from the original analog master tapes of Rudy Van Gelder. Nearly blew my ears off, love the album… Considering the album was quickly knocked out to satisfy…"
2 hours ago
Gary D' replied to Bobby Charlton's item The Most Stupidest Mod Related Thing You've Seen Lately...
"Nice one MG, thanks. I trust you and yours are well. I will also check it out and yes, it has a great cast too. So could be promising.
Cheers Goddess who's the Moddess ;0) "
2 hours ago
Chris Cameron replied to Chris Cameron's item Amazing B sides
"The B side to the classic Earl Van Dyke instrumental '6 by 6'is the brilliant 'All for You.' That would not be the case if it were the original that came out in 1965 but the 1970 reissue has that as its B when it was initially released as an A side…"
4 hours ago
Kai replied to Laurent Bof's item What's on your turntable right now?
"Nice one, Gary. Haven't heard that for quite a while..."
5 hours ago
Gary D' replied to Kai's item THE PRINTED WORD
6 hours ago
Gary D' replied to Laurent Bof's item What's on your turntable right now?
6 hours ago
Slim Fit replied to Mod Goddess's item What I bought today...
"Thursday, popped into JTG on a bday trip to Brighton for a couple of pieces. Even got a tie thrown in for free, which was nice :)"
8 hours ago
Saw image posted by Chris -bit of a strange one this -inglilston wasn't the greatest venue and a bit of brawling to keep you on your toes --wasn't my fave Jam gig .

Again apologies for blundering around on the forum ---years of cheap cooking whisky…
Scott mcleod posted a photo
  • Scott mcleod Saw an image you left some time ago - Loch Lomond scooter festival - I lived in Balloch then -- we all hung abou mods skins punks -day 1 - my pal got butted by some pissed mods - (exploited t shirt on ) - I got gubbed by some geezer who looked 30 -d…
    51 minutes ago
  • Chris Cameron Snap. I thought the Ingliston gig was the worst of the Jam gigs I attended. Nothing to do with the band who were amazing as ever, but I thought the venue was poor.
    3 hours ago
Frames replied to Kai's item THE PRINTED WORD
"I think the existence of a political class, as something separate from the electorate, is a real problem; it's about representation, and I suppose that is what the Labour Party originally aimed for, and achieved. In my lifetime the real damage to th…"
Frames replied to Laurent Bof's item What's on your turntable right now?
All I can really say about this is, if you have the time watch the whole concert. It's a personal thing, but I don't think there's ever been anybody to touch her in this music."
John an original modernist replied to Kai's item THE PRINTED WORD
"Despite which frames I note you posted a couple of cracking dance numbers this morning, I suppose we have to keep our spirits up.
Up until a few years ago I would have voted to remain. It just seemed to me that things were getting worse. To the exte…"
Frames replied to Kai's item THE PRINTED WORD
"I had the same concerns and misgivings about the EU as you, John, but I voted to remain, on the basis that it is important to stay within the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and within the framework of the Human Rights Convention. I st…"
Frames replied to john leo waters's item WHAT IS A MOD???

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Having just noticed that the initiator of the latest "book" thread left the site taking the discussion with him, it's my turn again to revive it; being too important a topic to be dropped, imo. Having finished "Get Carter" by Ted Lewis over the…

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217 Replies · Reply by Frames 3 minutes ago

Amazing B sides

Over the past few years I have started to collect some fantastic vinyl 45s again. Some have been bought from car boot sales for next to nothing and others I have paid a few quid for, although to be honest I have not paid more than £12 yet. I already…

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734 Replies · Reply by Chris Cameron 4 hours ago

What I bought today...

Just thought that I'd start this topic as nobody has [bothered?] to start it yet! I was in one of my local charity shops today and bought these women's basket-weave, tassel loafers for only $8.50 AUD! Absolutely brill, to say the least! ;-) Now I…

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 Maybe it is an age thing but I am totally confused!! Just what is a 'mod' these days? Back in the sixties a mod was pretty well defined - sharp clothes, a love of black music (Soul, R&B, Ska, Blues, Jazz). We frequented dance halls and clubs. We…

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50 Replies · Reply by Frames yesterday

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French Boutik and The Most - Paris 27Nov2015:

Memorial day for the events of 13th November, countless Tricolours graced balconies and other improvised available spaces, armed police stood in groups on corners outside cafe's; aside from that Paris got on with its main business - enjoying life. La Mechanique Ondulatoire is a regular live music venue (24 days out of the 30 available in November) tucked away in a side street and occupying three floors with the live music space in the cellar, a very cavern-esque setting with exposed stone arch walls, the stage at one end and bar at the other. They also have a generous happy-hour with two cocktails for 10Euro, so the scene was nicely set.

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