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Just start by saying I have lifted this idea from the Film Noir site, its a cool idea so i thought we'd give it a go on here. If you see a cool picture share it with us here.

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1473 Replies · Reply by Kai 1 hour ago

Otis Redding Verses ...

Otis Redding, arguably the greatest soul voice of all time or not. A chance to put Otis to the test and at the same time listen to some great slices of soul. So who is your favourite?

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14 Replies · Reply by Gary D' 13 hours ago

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    There she was just walking down the street and I could see that she wasn’t just carrying but that she was loaded and if I could see it, in her hunched shoulders and deep thrust pocketed hands, then so could anybody else who had an ounce of intelligence and two seconds of experience. This street was full of people like that and most of them you wouldn’t cross the road to piss up their legs if you were a dog, because the general rule of the sea you swam in was that if somebody didn’t want to roll you then they wanted to bust you and that was okay because everybody understood.

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