I see that Mad Men is returning to our screens. It's a great series with its dark anti-hero Don Draper, and superb 50s and 60's fashions as an added bonus.

However judging from this photo of actor Jon Hamm (Draper) he doesn't dress that well off screen.Friendly advice Don,next time you're on the red carpet go as your alter ego not yourself.

Am I alone in loathing "penguin suits" whether at weddings or any other occasion.The result is inevitably a group of men with the same boring look in ill fitting clothes.


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  • Nothing wrong with a decent tailored Dinner Jacket suit ... I have 2 vintage 60s DJ suits, one single breasted midnight blue d & one DB black, for formal occasions that I love (especially since my alterations tailor has done miracles with them)

    Howeve considering he owes most of his fame & (probably not inconsiderable) fortune to playing the immaculately dressed Don Draper, I can find no excuse for Jon Hamm wearing that ill fitting rag as an excuse for a dinner suit - the concertina-d trouser bottoms on the shoes being a particular pet hate of mine. It's not as if he's short of a few bob to pay for a decent tailor, surely?

  • Picture says it all mike!!!!

  • Apart from being about 60s corporate america, I like the pregnant drinking/smoking, no car seatbelts, drink driving, kids told to "go outside", littering, affair after affair, stylish clothes, advertising ideas, and all the characters.  Jon Hamm looks much more distinguished in the Mad Men clothes, esp without the floppy hair.

  • Mike - yep I asked the MM question a while ago and it appeared to drive people nuts here who felt that it was about a particular set of circunstances ie 60s corporate america!

    On the penguin suits - you are so right.  I was never required to wear one until I was 30 and then it was under duress!!.  Now they are everywhere ie Graduates proms etc!!  I object to having to dress like others, as I am sure you do.  And it reminds me somehow of out of condition ageing businessmen. 

    A mate got married in one and insisted we all wear them....silly!!

  • only if you have Sky tv.... i dont know when the dvd will be out. 

    there is an article on Peggy in the Sylist magazine today, although it doesnt really say anything interesting.

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