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John Waters has added an account of his occasional brushes with the greasy brigade which, as always, is anything but 'watered down' and without doubt another fantastic read.

"Rockers, Greasers call them what you will, they were the sworn enemies of all things Mod. Greasy long hair, leather jackets, motorbikes, Rock and Roll – all these things represented the very antithesis of all things Mod.

The Rocker has, thankfully, almost ceased to exist as a sub culture. The bikers of today bear little resemblance to the leather jacketed greasers of the sixties!"

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  • Thank goodness Steve made it out alive LOL
    • They obviously knew he came from the Milk.
    • Dont think serious bikers give a flying hoof about mods tbh,and yer younger guys nearly always give ye the nod when ye pass them,which is fine by me.
      Back in the day it was punks/combat skins ootside Boots/Virgin records on union street and casuals on Argyle st that was the wans tae watch for.
      Civics ya bass.
    • your right there Paulo - it's funny, everytime, when i'm on scooter, and I pass a biker on a real (original) motorbike, they give me a nod - like they appreciate the fact it's another classic machine on the road.
    • Yea n they admire the scooter too Stevie x
    • ooh - i say - missus
    • We never had any runs ins with the casuals. But I suppose the fact that they were no around so much when we were Mods helped. We always had barnies with bikers, skins, rockabillies, teds, and punks right enough, so I suppose that was enough to be getting on with. I better not forget the ordinary neds too, as we always had a run in with them as well. It was us against the world, and the world never stood a chance ha ha.
  • It's actually a really well written article by John and reflects the time when to the public at large the name Mods was synonomous with Rockers. When we were first into the Mod scene Rockers were as scarce as hen's teeth. The Blue Angels, who had been a force in the 60s to early 70s were still around but there was not exactly a lot of them. Despite that they were not really to be messed around with, especially by a bunch of young Mods who were mostly only about a quarter of the weight of these dudes.

    There was some friction between the Mods and bikers in Glasgow then, but saying that there was friction between us Mods and just about everyone else really. Nearly every weekend there would be incidents and quite a lot of Mods suffered injuries and well as giving them out. But we were all young and daft and thought we were indestructible. (or was that Captain Scarlet) To me things seem to have settled down a lot since we were running around the town. I don't see an awful lot of comraderie with bikers, but that is to be expected. I also have not seen any hostilty either, which is a change for the good.
  • the bikers of today are more hairier,big thick beards and that sweaty look,no thanks,looking good isnt important it is everything as far as am concerned,look good,feel good that my moto.the bikers of today have no taste in music,no image,nothing.You have to have image,you have to stand out in the the bikers i say,look at me and absorb my image,cos to look this great and sharp is worth it.
    • feek the greesers. the mod rocker thing is still happining. just last year i had a biker/long hair rocker looking dude, in his works van aime straight at me because i had the cheek to drive a scooter back from my work. we are the mods!
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