• Agreed, Motown, - more to the point, it makes a change from seeing us old chaps in this clobber!! Lol!

    • I know this is what was done from time to time, and was my original intention, but the tailor did them a little wider than I expected so they be a bit too 'dominant' if I did - as Chris says the slits weren't often quite as wide. Thanks a lot guys

    • Still looks very smart indeed Liam and as others have stated its great to see a young Mod with an eye for detail. Its those small details that to me differentiated between the clued up and the herd.
    • Cheers I may well do. Considering price of tailor-made suits these days compared to their availability back in the day, I prefer to to alter an off the shelf suit. I may get several other features done in time.

    • Sadly they were even really expensive back in the day. (Well my day anyway) The first pair of trousers i got made cost me £35 back in 1982. My YOP wage was £21 per week so when you took away digs money they cost me more than three weeks money.
    • What I mean is that nowadays a tailored suit is a real luxury item, and that off-the-shelf is how you get them, but back then if you went to buy a suit you would have it made up.

    • £21.50 actually Mr C ah the good old days
    • Yes very smart, Liam. I like what you done to the trouser bottoms. Individual adjustment, that´s what Mod´s about!

  • Had a christmas ball, black tie but i decided to ditch the tux for a snazzed up suit. The suit was from Merc but got it off Atom Retro for 1/3rd the price. Had the tailor bring it in a little and add the triangle notches to trouser bottoms. Pocket square and tie from Next, tie pin off eBay (I do rather like the pins opposed to the clips), and Edwardian shirt with detachable collar from Darcy Clothing. Tassled loafers from Clarks.

    • That was quite popular on made trousers during the early 80s although there was not as much a gap in the split the way we got them done. Some (like Motown pointed out) would get a covered button just above the split.
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