• Thanks Becs. There's plenty to invest in... Bigger drawers to hold 'em too ;0)

  • Good topic And I see as expected a variety of answers which is good as it stands to refute the view that we're all walking round in some kind of prescribed uniform. 

    I really don't like pin through or tab collar shirts. Both way too fussy for me. Most of my dress shirts have a modified spread as a point collar looks dated to me and a cutaway just ridiculous. I always tie my tie in a sort of hybrid four in hand-half Windsor which is slightly asymmetric and I'm fine with that. 

    I ALWAYS wear a tie slide to keep the tie out of my soup, usually low enough that it cant be seen with my jacket fastened (exactly where do you think a tie can fly away to with your jacket fastened?)  Usually knot the  tie so that it just reaches my belt buckle. 

    I dont much like button down shirts nor do I like to go with an open neck but there are times when a tie is not required and I'm slowly coming around to a couple of button downs as they keep the collar standing up nicely and don't allow it to slip down under your jacket.

    • Good reply Rod. I think an open neck BD can look pretty good, dependent on size and structure of the collar. Claudio's always look good open. I'm with you on pin through collars, too many memories of yuppies in the city in the 80's wearing them! Not sure about tab collars, depends I think on the spread and how the tie looks. Some I have seen make the collar look like a tube, hideous, but others seem to keep the spread nice and show off the tie well, JTG come to mind, may get one next payday and see. Finally agree, it is good to see range of views so long as not personal and constructive with reasons why in someone's opinion something isn't good ;-)
    • Cheers MB.
      Forgot to mention shirt cuffs. I always aim (although maybe not always successfully!) to have about 1 cm of shirt cuff showing from my jacket sleeve. I made a personal rule to wear button cuffs with odd jackets (mitered corners are my favourite but not that common) and cufflinks with double (French) cuffs with suits, that way I feel like formality is matched. I almost never take my jacket off when 'suited and booted' so I'm not too picky on the shirt body fitting perfectly but I really dislike seeing blokes with shirts they could swim inside with all that cloth billowing around the waistband of the strides!

  • I've been trying to find a shirt like the one Bill Wyman is wearing, any suggestions? 

    • Hmmm! Maybe a bit tricky to find the exact styling these days. You can give Claudio's DNA Groove website a look or failing that try the Old Town website who use to do a lovely vintage tab. The Old Town people don't seem to do the tab collar anymore but I'm sure they will have archived the pattern. Good luck mate ;0)  

  • Though all are celebrity types, these images give a good variety of the different types of collar pins, bars and clips.

    I'm looking to increase my tab collar shirt collection and have narrowed my search down to two makers at the moment.  

    • The Gent in the bottom photo (the name escapes me) has it to perfection, the small knot with dimple and the excellent collar

    • The dancer Fred Astaire, who was mates with another great dancer named Ginger ;0)

    • I've always considered Fred Astaire to be the original mod.

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