• Cheers MB.
      Forgot to mention shirt cuffs. I always aim (although maybe not always successfully!) to have about 1 cm of shirt cuff showing from my jacket sleeve. I made a personal rule to wear button cuffs with odd jackets (mitered corners are my favourite but not that common) and cufflinks with double (French) cuffs with suits, that way I feel like formality is matched. I almost never take my jacket off when 'suited and booted' so I'm not too picky on the shirt body fitting perfectly but I really dislike seeing blokes with shirts they could swim inside with all that cloth billowing around the waistband of the strides!

  • I've been trying to find a shirt like the one Bill Wyman is wearing, any suggestions? 

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    • The Gent in the bottom photo (the name escapes me) has it to perfection, the small knot with dimple and the excellent collar

    • I've always considered Fred Astaire to be the original mod.

  • Gone for the Button Down Collar and Paisley Tie today

    • Nice collar on that shirt Edward
    • Thank you :) , it's a Charles Tyrwhitt shirt so I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the collar is. 

    • Very smart. Just the thing for those spring showers.
    • Thank you :) This trench coat has become a staple for me 

  • I go with an ultra-simple slip knot that gives me a narrow V-shape from which a perfectly symmetrical dimple can be produced. 2.5" point collar so that the tip brushes the top of my collar bone.

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